Casual Pear Looks | Fashion Friday

Weekends are a luscious time to relax and recharge and that’s even more enjoyable when you feel cute! If you are still working from home like me, you might actually see more people on the weekend than during the week. Saturday trips to the supermarket are an opportunity to show off your style and personality – go for it!

As lipedema ladies we tend to be bottom heavy pear shapes, so just remember to draw attention upward to balance your proportions. A few weeks ago I did that with a bold patterned blazer, but this week I’m doing it with a graphic t-shirt. In honor of International Women’s Day earlier this week, I chose my Feminism is for Everybody shirt but any slogan or graphic you love will do the trick to draw attention up. Since my outfit is monochrome, I added a shiny magenta skinny belt from Torrid to add a pop of color and also break up my silhouette.

To elongate my legs, I then added a dark shoe. In the first version that’s a basic pointed toe ballet flat, but it also works with a sneaker wedge or a regular sneaker. My flat and wedge are both from Torrid. (Nope, no affiliate links in this post!)

You could stop there, but as mentioned last week, I love accessories. I also love jackets and, while it’s warming up, it’s not yet t-shirt weather in DC. If you are going to brunch you might throw on a jean jacket, wedge, and chunky bangle. If you are going grocery shopping you might grab a light-colored hooded sweatshirt and sneaker. The key with the jacket is to choose something in a lighter color than whatever color your pants are – remember black or dark wash skinny jeans will be particularly flattering. Yes, even with lipedema.

Looking for some fun t-shirts or cute spring jackets? Check out ThredUp! I can’t stop telling people how much I love it. You can buy used clothes – many new with tags – for super low prices. In fact, the white sweatshirt I’m wearing above is from J. Crew but I bought it for $12 on ThredUp. Shopping and sizing can be hard for us, but on ThredUp you can shop for something like a graphic t-shirt in a specific size and color across more brands than you can count. Need more inspiration? Press play on Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

What are you waiting for?! Dive into your closet and find something cute to wear this weekend. It’s guaranteed to boost your mood, whether sitting on the couch or out shopping for keto goodies.

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