How to Dress with Lipedema: Bathing Suits, Jeans, and More

Summer is on the way! But while everyone else is peeling off their layers and glowing in the sun, you might be wondering how to dress with lipedema? In this post I’ll share my three tips for finding clothes for lipedema and some of my favorite lipedema fashion-friendly brands. Yes, you can find cute plus size lipedema bathing suits, shorts, and jeans. And, yes, you can take them out of your closet and wear them. You deserve to feel wonderful and look fabulous! Stop hiding your lipedema legs and get out there to enjoy the summer weather.

  • Tip #1 You Can’t Hide Spoiler alert! Harry Potter isn’t real and invisibility cloaks don’t exist. No matter how many long-sleeve black turtlenecks you layer on, people can see you. They already know what your body looks like. Sure, that’s terrifying but it’s also freeing. You can drop the charade because you’re the only one who has been playing. If they’re in your life, they probably love and care about you for a million reasons that have nothing to do with your legs. (Unless you are a leg model and you met your partner at a leg modeling competition. In which case, call me! I have questions!) It’s going to feel scary, but do an experiment and see what happens if you show a little more of your body or your shape. You might just be surprised what does (or rather doesn’t) happen.
  • Tip #2 Balance Your Proportions This applies to everyone, not just those of us with lipedema legs and lipedema arms. The basic principle of this is that you want to use color, pattern, etc. to make the upper and lower halves of your body look roughly the same size while accentuating the smallest part of your waist. Since you can’t hide your legs (re-read #1 above), your best next move is to draw attention away from them toward other parts of your body you are more comfortable with. Got some nice collarbones, eyes, or smile? Flaunt it! I’ve written more about this (and shared outfit ideas) in my previous posts How Pear Shapes Wear Black and Accessorizing Your Pear Shape.
  • Tip #3 Get Ready to be Noticed! Once you stop hiding and start dressing in a way that makes you feel confident and beautiful, people around you will start to take notice. Get ready! Don’t be surprised when you get new opportunities at work or strangers start hitting on you. Beautiful is not a size, but it does get some extra sparkles from confidence. People around you are going to start appreciating you and, Sturdy Woman, you deserve it. (If you need a physical reminder of your awesomeness, check out Sturdy Woman’s body positive tote bags.)

Now that you are armed with my three tips, it’s time to go out into the world and find outfits that balance your proportions and make you feel fabulous. Here are some popular brands to shop for clothes for lipedema. (I don’t have relationships with any of these brands, other than being a customer and fan!)

Torrid If you don’t know what Torrid is yet, drop everything and click over to their website. It’s my favorite place for skinny jeans and wide shoes. My favorite jeans are the Bombshell Skinny Jeans and the Luxe Skinny Jeans which both work well with my favorite CZ Salus compression leggings and are also office appropriate with a blazer or other professional top. They carry sizes 10 through 30 and are also a great source of lipedema bathing suits. If you are looking for something that offers more coverage, check out the swim leggings, shorts, skirts, dresses. Love. More of a shorts woman? They have a wide range of lengths, colors, and styles of shorts too.

Lands’ End is another great place to shop for plus size swimming suits. In addition to a good selection of lipedema-friendly swim leggings and board shorts, they also have a good selection of plus size rash guards for those of you who prefer some coverage on your lipedema arms. They carry sizes 16 through 26 in all their clothing, including tall and petite cuts.

Eloquii has a wide selection of lipedema pants in bright colors and prints that will turn heads for all the right reasons. Not ready to step out in skinny jeans yet? Not a problem! They carry sizes 14-32 and also have a bridal shop!

At the FDRS conference last month a lot of women were talking about Cato. They carry wide shoes and a wide selection of affordable clothes in sizes 14-36. Depending on where you are in the US, you might also live near one where you can go and try things on.

Speaking of trying things on, have you heard the Old Navy now carries up to size 30 or 4x in the store?! That’s right, we are gradually seeing the end of the days where stores carry our sizes but ask us to stay home and wait for them to come in the mail. It’s a great place to stop for basics like work-out tees or yoga pants.

Then, of course, there is Lane Bryant. Growing up in Missouri pre-internet shopping, this was the only plus size store I had access to. Thank you for being there, Lane Bryant! Head over there for great lipedema-friendly jeans, crops/shorts, and bathing suits in sizes 12 through 40.

By this point in the list, you might be wondering how you are going to afford all the beautiful new clothes you just discovered. I have a solution for that too! Once you know that you want to try, whether a brand or a size or a style, head over to ThredUp and look for it used. That’s right, I said used, but many of the clothes are actually brand new with tags still attached and you’ll pay a fraction of the regular store price. You’ll find great options that might be discontinued (like LOFT plus size clothes) and can also sell your clothes that no longer fit. Last year I sold most of my office clothes and made nearly $600. That’s no joke! Clean out your closet and fill it with bright new things that fit and that you love. You can also use ThredUp to discover new brands that carry your size. Just create a saved search for something like “5x, blue, sleeveless, maxi dress, with metallic details” and see what pops up. You can even save searches like that and they will notify when new items arrive. What’s easier than that?

What’s your favorite summer style for lipedema fashion? Where do you shop for your lipedema clothes? Let us know in the comments!

I’m not affiliated with any of these brands, but if you purchase through one of the Amazon links in this post I might earn a small commission.

Lipedema Before and After: Measuring Progress on Your Journey

Have you started a new lipedema treatment or lipedema diet and you are wondering if it’s working? This week I share my complicated relationship with the scale and recommend things other than weighing that Sturdy Women can do to track non-scale victories on their journey. As usual you can read or watch, but this week I recommend watching because at the end of the video I do something I never thought I’d do. I share my lipedema before and after pictures.

Has the scale ever given made you feel good about something, Sturdy Woman? Or are you like me, and scales have most reliably made you feel like a failure even when you’re trying really hard? I hadn’t weight myself for nearly six to nine months before starting keto and I didn’t weigh myself at all until three or four months into my journey. I didn’t even own a scale! Like many of you, I believed it was impossible to lose weight with lipedema and I didn’t want to feel like a failure if it “didn’t work”. I knew there were non-scale benefits to keto and I didn’t want a lack of weight loss to discourage me from pursuing those.

What did I do instead? I took pictures about once a month and also used a measuring tape to track changes, particularly in my lipedema legs. Get yourself a cute little notebook and take notes. How do you feel? What does your skin look like? Is your energy level or sleep changing? These things matter! If you don’t have anyone you trust to help you take photos, there are many low-cost options on Amazon. Here’s a tripod and BlueTooth remote option similar to what I use. It might be emotional a first, but looking at your body (and being kind to it while you do that) will go a long way toward learning to befriend her.

If you are on keto, I highly recommend tracking your blood sugar and ketone levels. Make sure you’re in ketosis before you say it isn’t working! Remember that your body is going to want to do some healing before it starts letting go of weight. Don’t rush it. In addition to letting you know if you’re in ketosis, a meter is going to help you learn how different foods affect you and what different blood sugar or ketone levels feel like. For example, when my blood sugar is elevated I feel hungry, cranky, and tired. A quick walk usually snaps me out of it. My favorite meter is the Keto Mojo GK+ which can measure levels of both, syncs to your phone, and only costs about $50 USD. I’ve been using mine regularly for more than two years.

One final thought on weight and BMI… before you get lost chasing a number, you should know that BMI was originally developed with data from white men and was designed to be used for populations not individuals. You can read more about that here and here and by searching on Google Scholar.

If you just have to weigh yourself, no problem. You do you. Give yourself a gift, though, and before you start any new conservative treatment for lipedema, collect multiple data points so you can also track the fantastic non-scale victories you are going to achieve.

If you purchase through an Amazon link in this post I may earn a small commission, but that’s never why I recommend something.

Mental Health and Lipedema, Challenges and Strategies

Are you struggling with lipedema and depression? Are your lipedema legs or lipedema arms hurting your body image and self-confidence? You are not alone! Many women with lipedema and lymphedema struggle with these issues both before and after a diagnosis. After years of wondering “why are my legs so big” and “why can’t I lose weight” we suddenly have a diagnosis, but that validation often comes with the sting of being told there is little you can do. Be strong, Sturdy Woman.

I’ve heard from many women recently, asking for strategies to help overcome the negative thoughts and hopelessness they feel related to lipedema. This week I want to share some of the struggles I faced, both before and after my diagnosis, and describe some of the strategies I used over the past three years to start reshaping my relationship with myself and my body.

Links included below the video.

Rebekah discusses mental health challenges related to lipedema and suggests strategies that have helped her improve her relationship with her body, mind, and spirit.
  1. Find a Therapist You Trust Really. Do this. I’ve been with mine for more than four years. That’s right, I started working on my body image issues and internalized fat bias an entire year before I learned about lipedema. That was huge in helping me embrace lifestyle changes as medicine rather than punishment. Early in life, I had been the queen of using insults and shame to motivate myself to restrict and over-exercise. Doing some rewiring ahead of my diagnosis set me up to accept that my body is me. She’s a friend who needs love and support, not an enemy to be conquered. The silver lining of COVID is that it is much easier to connect with therapists virtually, so you can more easily squeeze it into a busy schedule and even sit on your own couch!
  2. Movement For me this is walking, but this could be anything that helps you process stress and literally move it out of your body. Go to the pool, dance, or use your vibration plate. These are my favorite wide shoes for walking. Amazon says I’ve bought them 8 times in the past year and a half!
  3. Music While you are moving, put on some upbeat music to put some pep in your step. I literally have a Love Your Lipedema Life playlist. After my diagnosis, I started filling it with anything that made me feel good, whether that was body-positive lyrics or just a great beat. I posted a portion of it on the Sturdy Woman YouTube channel if you want to borrow it. I also did a weekly series on my favorite songs a few years back. Whatever gives you good vibes, collect as much as you can and blast it into your ears as much as possible. This will go a long way toward chasing away the negative voices.
  4. Quotes and Affirmations When collecting happy things, don’t stop with music! Fill your space with positive messages and quotes. Tape them on your wall, your bathroom mirror, or anywhere else you might need a boost. I keep a book of affirmations called You’re Doing A Freaking Great Job on my desk and, yes, I sometimes flip through it during stressful work meetings. Managing a chronic illness can seem like a full-time job but, Sturdy Woman, you are doing a freaking great job! Find a way to remind yourself of that everywhere you look.
  5. Meditation Yes, I already hear some of you groaning, but I was that person too! I thought I just “wasn’t a meditation person” but my therapist was pretty persistent and I trusted her so I finally gave in. To motivate myself I bought a year-long subscription to an app. There are a lot of good free meditation apps, but I knew spending money would trick me into doing it – I wouldn’t want to have wasted money! So I bought Headspace and started trying to meditate for even five minutes a night while pumping. Wow, it was hard at first! No, really. I’m not being dramatic. I wanted to crawl out of my skin, but after a few weeks, I started to see the benefits. My favorite sessions are in the self-compassion course so check those out if you decide to try it.

That’s my list, but what’s on yours? What mental health challenges have you faced related to your lipedema? What has helped you repair your relationship with your body? I’d love to hear from you below in the comments so we can learn from each other.

If you purchase through an Amazon link in this post I may get a small commission, but that’s never why I recommend something!

Angel By The Wings | Music Monday

I missed last week because I was traveling for work – something that until recently seemed impossible. 

In 2018 I flew to a new city to start a new job.  My weight was climbing toward 300 pounds, I was swollen for no apparent reason, and I was crushingly exhausted all the time.  Now I know it’s lipedema, but that day, when I sat down and for the first time couldn’t buckle the seat belt… I wanted to melt into a puddle and disappear through the cracks in the floor.  Overwhelmed by shame, I covered my lap with my coat and pretended to be asleep when the flight attendant came through the cabin to check.  The world was no longer for me. I didn’t fly again for three years.

When I flew in December 2021 – even though I’d lost nearly 100 pounds – I bought two seats just for the peace of mind.  The woman at the ticket counter pursed her lips.  “You don’t look like you qualify,” she said finally.  I took a deep breath of confidence and told her I have a fat disorder.  Like most people, she was lost for words and quickly printed my boarding passes.  I fit in the seat, but it was snug.

My office booked the ticket for my trip last week, so I was at the whim of the travel agents.  I ended up in a middle seat on a sold-out flight.  Even though I knew I’d fit, I still held my breath as I dropped into the seat and reached for the belt.  Click.  No thigh overflow onto neighboring seats.  Keto works.  Fasting works.  Compression and stress management work. 

Two years ago, this moment and this trip felt impossible.  I was counting calories, exercising regularly, and getting worse.  I thought it was my fault.

This Music Monday, Sturdy Readers, I bring you Sia’s “Angel By the Wings”.  It’s a little more mellow than usual but I encourage you to take a few quiet minutes to close your eyes and be reminded “you can do anything.”  It’s a gorgeous way to start the week.

Oh so, your wounds they show
I know you have never felt so alone
But hold on, head up, be strong
You can, you can do anything

Sia “Angel By The Wings”

Use the comment section to let me and other Sturdy Readers know what you’ve accomplished in the face of chronic illness.

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Onederland (Free)

This week I hit a huge milestone that I never imagined I’d see when I started keto in October 2020.  I am officially in onederland.  That’s right, a few days ago I stepped on the scale and was out of the 200s – and solidly there at that.  I finished a big work project a few days ago and had a huge whoosh when my body let go of all the stress.  I’m a lipedema woman so, generally, weight doesn’t mean a lot to me, but this felt like a big deal.

The last time I remember a scale reading less than 200 pounds was before I left for Liberia in 2011 (more about that here).  That’s 11 years.  For a long time, my body has felt like an enemy, something uncooperative, unpredictable, and unattractive.  Now that I understand what she is struggling with, I know how to support my body and I appreciate how damn hard she works every day.  Even at my lowest weight in 2010, I look back and can see the puffiness in my face and legs.  The one I was fighting the most ended up being the one who needed the most help and compassion. I was sick and had no idea.

What’s gotten me here?  I give most of the credit to keto and fasting.  I do less than 20g total carbs each day and I periodically alternate day fast (read more about that in my Fasting February series).  No cheating ever.  Not one day.  Not one bite.  Nothing.  The longer I have been keto the easier it has gotten – I can even watch The Great British Baking Show without crying.  Yes, I gave up a lot of foods, but I have gained so much.  Finally free from the endless up and down cycle of carbs and hunger, I no longer feel cravings or an emotional connection to food.  So what if I have lipedema?  I am free.

That’s the inspiration for today’s Music Monday pick, Free by Rudimental.  Yes, lipedema turned my life upside down, but lipedema also gave me back an even better life.  In one word it gave me my freedom.  The sky is the limit.  I’m flying.

Whoa, c’est la vie
maybe something’s wrong with me
But, whoa, at least I’m free

Rudimental “Free”

Sturdy Reader, what’s holding you down?  What do you worry is ‘wrong’ with you?  Could you dare to put it down?  Take a bold step with me today and, like the guy in the video, jump off the cliff and fly.

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Be the Lightning | Music Monday

It doesn’t matter what other people think about your body. It matters how you think about it, talk to it, and feel inside it.

This is the second time I’ve lost more than 100 pounds. The first time was from a place of anger, self-hatred, and body shaming. Even at my smallest I was miserable, agonizing over everything I didn’t have and everything I thought I wasn’t. I exercised too much, ate too little, and drove myself to an eating disorder. After undiagnosed lipedema made each of those pounds come back, I had a reckoning with myself. I didn’t want to wake up every day the rest of my life hating myself and feeling like a failure. No one deserves that.

With the help of a good mental health therapist and a lot of body positive books, I did things differently the second time. I threw out my scale, cut out everything and everyone who made me feel “less than”, and focused on myself. What if I stopped trying to lose weight? After a year of this work, I started realizing my worth and beauty had nothing to do with size. That’s when the universe dropped the word “lipedema” in my lap. I started to support my lymphatic system and started shedding pounds like magic, even after nothing else had worked. For the first time I feel awake, alive, and bursting with light.

I’m smaller now, but I might get bigger again later. I’m at peace with that because I’m so in love with the person my body carries around, no matter its size.

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Today’s Music Monday pick is “Rise” by the Lost Frequencies.  It has me dancing, running, and celebrating everything that has happened since my lipedema diagnosis.  It’s been an uphill battle but, wow, the view is amazing. Sturdy readers, join me and be the lightning.

Ain’t no way I’m stopping now
Gonna make my way right through the clouds
I’ll rise
I’m going to break my teeth and bear the pain
Gonna climb this mountain once again
I’ll rise
I’m feeling stronger than I’ve been
I’ll weather the storm, weather the rain
I am the lightning

Lost Frequencies “Rise”

Brighter Days | Music Monday

Turbulence continues to rock the world and 2022 isn’t the fresh start many of us hoped for.  Added stress from persistent and escalating world events is the last thing those of us with chronic illness need to add to our lives.  Stress increases my inflammation and swelling so – as much as I care – I’ve unplugged from the news for the past month.  Work is tough, my personal life is tough, and the last thing I want to think about is global doom. 

To keep stress at bay, I stick to my self-care routine as much as possible.  In addition to standard lipedema protocols such as compression, exercise, and keto, I also meditate every day.  I use Headspace and I’ve been repeating the 10-day self-compassion series nonstop for the past six months.  It walks through offering love and compassion to yourself, to someone you love, and someone you are having difficulties with.  There is no doubt that it shifts something in my energy – within a few weeks my usually standoffish cat started curling up under my arm as soon as I started.  I never thought I’d be the kind of person who meditates, but I started two years ago around the same time I got my FlexiTouch pump. Pumping and meditation were a great pair.  Meditation made me want to crawl out of my skin and my pump kept me from being able to escape!

The other way I combat stress is with music and I usually find myself scrolling through songs either before or after I meditate.  That’s how I found today’s pick, Brighter Days by Emeli Sandé.  It’s the perfect, uplifting song for stressful days and is sure to set the mood for a good week.

We’ve seen it all
The tears have fallen
And every step is on the edge
And we’re so confused
We don’t understand
It feels like this night won’t end
But there’s gonna be brighter days
Brighter Days
I’ll keep you lifted when you’re losing faith
There’s gonna be brighter days
Brighter days
Though it seems distant, know the world will change

Emelie Sandé “Better Days”

How does stress impact your health and well being, Sturdy readers?  How do you keep it under control and stay present for your one beautiful life?  Drop me a note in the comments and let me know what works for you. I’ll try it out!

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Love My Life | Music Monday

In 2011, I joined the Peace Corps and moved to Liberia, West Africa.  Peace Corps is a government program that sends Americans overseas on two-year assignments to live and work in communities around the world.  (Life Magnanimous is my blog about that part of my life.)  I was searching for adventure, but also trying to make meaning of my one precious trip on this planet.  In 2004 my younger brother died suddenly after being hit by a car.  He was 18 and I was just two years older.  While most 20-somethings were applying to graduate school and starting careers, I was trying to make up for lost time… time I’d spent playing it safe and following all the rules. 

My own mortality was a constant shadow in the corner whispering live, live, live NOW.  I responded by losing 130 pounds, quitting my job, ending an engagement, and moving to Liberia.  I’d never been out of the country so it was ballsy and brave and as close as I could get to jumping off a cliff without really doing it. 

Nothing about Liberia made sense, but everything felt right, most of all the song blaring out the window of every taxi and from the radio on every porch.  Demarco’s Love My Life was a constant celebration of life and reminder to squeeze it for every last drop – I did then and I still do today. Even now, I play Love My Life regularly to remind myself to be present and grateful for what I have, which is the daily opportunity to make different choices and show up for myself. 

This is underscored by the video.  It starts with a man in a hospital bed battling for his life. When Love My Life comes on the radio, he gets up and, still wearing his hospital gown, walks back in time through the day.  He finally climbs the stairs to his bedroom and sees himself sitting on the bed contemplating suicide.  As if visited by his own shadow of mortality, he puts down the bottle of pills and hugs his wife instead. 

As lipedema women, we often focus on the past – when things were better – or the future – when we think things will be worse.  The truth, however, is that all we have for certain is the present.  What can you do today that your future self will be grateful for?  What small thing can you do to celebrate your one precious life and feel more alive?  It could be pressing play on Love My Life and dancing with yourself, going for a walk in the sun, or putting on your favorite outfit while working from home.  You don’t have to move halfway around the world to love your life or to live it to the fullest.  Each day is a fresh opportunity to unlock the magic that’s inside you.  Sturdy readers, today is your day.    

None of us know what tomorrow may bring
Because the future is hours away
So I’m going to live my life today

Demarco, “Love My Life”

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Accessorizing Your Pear Shape | Fashion Friday

Accessories can make or break an outfit and are a great way to balance proportions.  In the last Fashion Friday I talked about using patterned tops to draw attention upward on pear-shaped bodies.  This week I’ll show you how I accomplish the same thing with scarves.

I’ve always had a thing for scarves!  The first apartment I ever rented was the second floor of an old Victorian house.  A staircase opened into the middle of the living room and my colorful scarf collection adorned most of the sprawling banister, one part rainbow and one part flock of tropical birds.  These days I settle for a basket in the corner, but it’s still a large basket. 

What I love about scarves is the versatility.  They can be casual or dressy, playful or professional, and they never go out of season or style.  Look at my photo at the top of the post.  I changed the whole look of each outfit just by adding a different scarf!  There are a million different ways to tie scarves and YouTube has a lot of great tutorials you can play with.  My go-to is to just wrap it around my neck, but I’ve also played with the “flight attendant” look a lot lately and it’s fun for warmer weather.  ThredUp is a great place to build a high-end yet budget-friendly scarf collection (nope, there are no affiliate links in this post!) but some of the ones in this post also came from other love, Target. 

Notice that aside from the scarf, the rest of the outfit is rather neutral.  I pair a dark skinny jean with chocolate brown knee boots to downplay my lower half and top it off with a light brown moto jacket that hits right at my waist.  The lighter color automatically draws the eye up and helps balance the proportion and the wide lapel creates additional structure and interest.  Pop on a brightly colored scarf and voila!  You have a chic, flattering outfit that draws attention to your beautiful face. 

Please remember skinny jeans are for every body.  They will do more for your figure than baggy bootcuts ever can. Yes, I am also wearing my favorite CZSalus compression under these. When you feel great you will look great and my compression leggings ensure I accomplish both on a daily basis.

I love jewelry so I usually also add some sort of bangle no matter what I’m wearing.  In this outfit I’m wearing a beautiful leather cuff handmade in Liberia (shout out to Craft to Heart run by fellow returned Peace Corps Volunteers!)  but just about anything would work, including a nice pair of earrings if you prefer.

Being a lipedema woman, I would be remiss if I didn’t say more about the boots.  This is the first pair of boots I have owned since I was about five years old.  I literally cried six months ago when I zipped them up.  They are Torrid wide calf boots – that’s right the extra wide calf was too wide!  Ladies, they see us.  When I bought them, my calf measured just over 19 inches and here I’m below 18 inches.  I suspect the inflammation I lost during non-dairy January accounts for a lot of that.  These are a size 9 ½ which is my normal shoe size but about a size larger than I usually buy Torrid flats, so bear that in mind when buying. 

You’ll be amazed what a difference a cute outfit can make in your day.  It shifts your energy and everything and everyone feels… a little bit happier.  Hopefully you are inspired to dig into your closet and play with your accessories today.  I’d love to see what you come up with!  Leave me a note in the comments to join the Sturdy conversation. 

I may earn a small commission if you purchase through the Amazon links in this post.

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Higher | Music Monday

We’re two months into 2022, Sturdy Readers.  Are you making progress toward your goals?  Are you making time and space for your beautiful self to unfold?  I hope your answers were, Yes! but even if they weren’t, today I have a song that is sure to get you moving forward.  I found it last summer while I was going through a rough patch, and it felt like a gift from the universe.  Bishop Briggs will have you tapping your feet, moving your lymph around, and dreaming bigger than ever before.  In my case, it had me running up and down stairs.  Literally.  I played this song on repeat while I ran around the amphitheater in the park.  Two years and 100 pounds ago, before I knew the word lipedema, I struggled to do one flight at any speed.

In just over three minutes, the video for Higher sums up my lipedema journey.  It grabs me early on at, “I will go screaming out my pain into the night” and that’s when we realize Bishop is at the bottom of a hill.  The beat picks up as she starts running up it and, like me on the stairs, she puts her head down and pumps her arms harder as she digs deeper. Bring it on, lipedema I say to myself in those moments.

Higher, your love has set me free
Now nothing’s out of reach
Higher, I’m stronger now I’m free
I’m who I want to be
This ain’t no give or take
I’ve learned from my mistakes
I’m so much stronger now

Bishop Briggs, “Higher”

Proving she’s a true boss, Bishop is neither out of breath nor sweaty when she finally gets to the top.  She’s confident and in touch with her power – and you can be too, Sturdy Reader. 

Your power is you.  The love that will set you free is your love.  The strength that will carry you up the hill that is a diagnosis is in those lipedema legs.  Think of it like the beautiful scene in Kung Fu Panda when Po realizes the secret ingredient is… nothing.  You are your own secret self-care and self-love weapon.  Vibration plates, pumps, and bio-hacks will help your symptoms but only if you do them.  Your body can only be free, strong, and beautiful when you love it.

Press play on Higher and make a decision here and now to set yourself free to climb higher.  Free from body shame.  Free from blame or judgement.  Free to feel beautiful. Only you can climb this hill, Sturdy Readers, but you already have everything you need, especially with Higher playing in the background.

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