Brighter Days | Music Monday

Turbulence continues to rock the world and 2022 isn’t the fresh start many of us hoped for.  Added stress from persistent and escalating world events is the last thing those of us with chronic illness need to add to our lives.  Stress increases my inflammation and swelling so – as much as I care – I’ve unplugged from the news for the past month.  Work is tough, my personal life is tough, and the last thing I want to think about is global doom. 

To keep stress at bay, I stick to my self-care routine as much as possible.  In addition to standard lipedema protocols such as compression, exercise, and keto, I also meditate every day.  I use Headspace and I’ve been repeating the 10-day self-compassion series nonstop for the past six months.  It walks through offering love and compassion to yourself, to someone you love, and someone you are having difficulties with.  There is no doubt that it shifts something in my energy – within a few weeks my usually standoffish cat started curling up under my arm as soon as I started.  I never thought I’d be the kind of person who meditates, but I started two years ago around the same time I got my FlexiTouch pump. Pumping and meditation were a great pair.  Meditation made me want to crawl out of my skin and my pump kept me from being able to escape!

The other way I combat stress is with music and I usually find myself scrolling through songs either before or after I meditate.  That’s how I found today’s pick, Brighter Days by Emeli Sandé.  It’s the perfect, uplifting song for stressful days and is sure to set the mood for a good week.

We’ve seen it all
The tears have fallen
And every step is on the edge
And we’re so confused
We don’t understand
It feels like this night won’t end
But there’s gonna be brighter days
Brighter Days
I’ll keep you lifted when you’re losing faith
There’s gonna be brighter days
Brighter days
Though it seems distant, know the world will change

Emelie Sandé “Better Days”

How does stress impact your health and well being, Sturdy readers?  How do you keep it under control and stay present for your one beautiful life?  Drop me a note in the comments and let me know what works for you. I’ll try it out!

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Music Monday: Better Days

Stress is bad for everyone, but it can be particularly hard on those of us with lipedema or lymphedema. My body always feels more achy, tired, and swollen when life is throwing curve balls. And let me tell you, sturdy women, she’s been throwing me a lot of those the past few months.

I’m one of those “routine” people who runs through the day like clockwork. Up and in compression by 8:30. Walks at 1pm and 6pm. Vibration at 9pm. In my pump by 10:30pm. But add a few extra meetings during the day or a few extra hours of work in the evening and there just aren’t enough hours left in the day.

How do you pick and choose what to do for self-care? Does daily life ever feel like a Jenga game with no more loose pieces?

This Music Monday I’m reminding myself to stay strong and stay the course with Dermot Kennedy’s Better Days. “You’re on the other side of the storm now. You should be so proud.”

A bad day where I only hit half my self-care goals is still better than good days were before my diagnosis. Better days are coming, sturdy women. Take a break and honor yourself for all the progress you’ve made. Those emails, chats, and texts will still be there when you finish dancing.

Your story’s gonna change, just wait for better days

You’ve seen too much of pain, now you don’t even know

That your story’s gonna change, just wait for better days

I promise you, I won’t let go

I know you’ve been hurtin’

Waitin’ on a train that just won’t come

The rain, it ain’t permanent

And soon we’ll be dancin’ in the sun

We’ll be dancin’ in the sun

Dermot Kennedy, “Better Days”

How do you keep stress from derailing your self-care routine? Write me a note below!