Lipedema Compression Leggings: Washing and Care

Does compression help lipedema? Yes. Fat thrives in a fluid rich environment so anything you can do to keep boost your circulation and lymph flow is going to slow progression and provide relief. Remember, the circulatory system has the heart to pump it but the lymphatic system depends on you literally moving. Wearing your compression while you move is going to give lipedema a great one-two punch where it hurts.

What is the best compression for lipedema? The one you will wear. No, really. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on your compression or how specially customized it is to your shape if you never wear it. Any compression is better than no compression. That said, I do have a favorite compression legging and I posted about it a few months ago in my popular video The Best Compression Leggings for Lipedema. They might also be the best for you – and they might not. Keep looking until you find one you love and will wear. If you want to try out my favorites for yourself, I wear CZ Salus flat knit compression leggings in level K2. I started in an XXL short and after my 140 pound non-surgical weight loss am in a medium. Note, I no longer wear short! The length/height chart changes as the sizes go up and down so pay attention to that. Some people have reported difficulties finding the size chart for CZ Salus so I’ll link it here for leggings and here for shirts and boleros. Custom sizes can also be ordered directly on their website!

Now that you know compression helps, and you’ve hopefully found something you love, how do you take care of your investment? Read on or watch below.

How many sets of compression do I need? Once you find something you love and you know you will wear it, buy a minimum of two sets. I say sets because you may need to mix and match and, for example, wear one size on your hips and thighs and a different size on your calves. I’m not a medical professional, so work with your team to figure out what is best for your body. Regardless of what you wear, it’s critical that you wash your lipedema compression tights after each wear. If you don’t, you’ll notice that they are a little easier to put on each day. That also means they are providing less compression! Washing your compression garment helps keep its fibers at peak performance and prevents any yuck from building up with it being next to your skin all day every day. Note, I said a minimum of two. I find that three sets works best for me so that if I am traveling or busy and forget to wash my compression leggings one day I still have a back-up pair to wear.

Can I wash my compression garment? Now that you’ve found lipedema compression that you love, how do you take care of your investment? I’m about to tell you what I do, but you should absolutely follow the recommendation of your garment’s manufacturer. At the recent FDRS conference one of the presenters stressed the importance of this and noted that you can void any guarantee or warranty on your garment if you don’t follow their washing guidance. That said, here’s what I do for my CZ Salus. I wash it in my washing machine with cold water on the delicate setting with nothing else in the machine. The last thing you want is a zipper or clasp catching it somewhere and ripping it. What kind of soap do I use to wash my compression? None. That’s right. I don’t use soap at all. I just let the water do its thing. This is actually what CZ Salus told me to do! I approached them at a conference and they looked at me a little funny when I asked about soap. “Why do you need it?” It seemed crazy, but I tried it and have been washing without soap for about two years now. I’ve never had a smelly or dirty feeling garment that whole time. Once my lipedema compression has been rinsed in the washing machine, I hang it up to air dry and move on with my day. Yep, in my experience compression garments are machine washable.

But really, can I wash compression socks with soap? Yes, of course, you can buy special soaps. Like your garment, however, they are expensive and you want to use the one from your manufacturer if they have one. Again, this is so you don’t void your warranty. CZ Salus doesn’t have a special soap – remember, they recommended no soap – but occasionally I want just a little something. In the summer I love to get out in the sun to exercise and often get really sweaty. On those days I’ll wash my lipedema compression with Medi Care Medical Compression Garment Detergent. It seems to work well and even has a nice, light smell.

I’m fun and vibrant and want my compression to reflect that. Where can I buy colorful compression leggings? CZ Salus offers lipedema compression leggings in a variety of colors, but on Amazon you’ll only find black and medical beige. If you purchase through their Italian website you’ll have to pay in Euros, but you’ll be able to get blue, purple, burgundy and now pink and gray. Fuchsia and graphite were added earlier this month and if you watch the video version of this post you’ll see what they look like. The shipping is very fast too. I ordered mine of a Saturday and it was at my house in the US on Wednesday via DHL. Some credit cards like Capital One don’t charge fees for purchasing in foreign currency, so check with your company before you assume Amazon is your only option.

What’s your favorite compression garment for lipedema? What have you found most practical in terms or care and washing? Drop me and line below and let’s all learn from each other.

I have no relationship with CZ Salus other than being a loyal customer. I am an Amazon affiliate, however, and will earn a small commission if you purchase through one of the links in this post. But that never influences my recommendations!

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