Keto for Lipedema while Traveling

Are you using a keto diet for lipedema and wondering how to navigate keto travel? Yes, you can stay in ketosis while on the road! I’ve been traveling a lot recently and this week I’m at the Fat Disorders Resource Society (FDRS) conference in Atlanta. Read or watch below for my tips on findings great low-carb foods and staying on track with your keto and self-care goals while exploring the world. Yes, a ketogenic diet is helpful for lipedema! I share my favorite restaurant for keto food and tips for finding something to eat wherever you end up.

Here are my top tips for keto travelers with lipedema.

  1. Bring snacks to get you through the transition! The last thing you want is to get stuck in the airport or hotel with a grumbling stomach and no good options. The vending machine is not your friend! Some of my go-to items to throw in my bag are Tillamook Zero Sugar jerky or sausages. (If you live near Aldi, look for the much cheaper generic brand there!) Things like Parmesan cheese crisps are also a good option for those who can tolerate dairy, and there are pork rinds and nuts for the rest of us. I like Fisher oven roasted pecans and I’m a Nut dry roasted Brazil nuts. I don’t normally advocate things like bars because they are more processed and encourage sugar cravings, but they can be helpful when traveling. My favorites are Perfect Keto bars (yum, to the peanut butter chocolate) and Keto Bars. I’m a huge coffee drinker so I also never leave home without some of my Perfect Keto chocolate collagen powder. Stick to your routine as much as possible!
  2. Stock your room with food. You can accomplish this by walking to a grocery store or, if that’s not possible, having food delivered. These days there are tons of delivery options including Uber Eats, Instacart, Shipt, etc. Go online once you arrive and see what delivery services are available in the area. Things you might consider ordering include Fage Greek yogurt and heavy cream (if you do dairy) or almond/coconut milk. Then grab something like a rotisserie chicken. Most rooms have access to a mini fridge in the room and a microwave either in your room or in the breakfast area of the lobby. Buy whatever you can that doesn’t require cooking but will keep you satisfied and fueled on ketones.
  3. My favorite keto restaurant while traveling? Chipotle! Get a salad with no beans and no rice but add extra meat and guacamole. Skip the corn, but have fajita peppers and tomatoes if you want and, again if you do dairy, some cheese. Depending on where you are in the country you are going to spend anywhere from $15-20 and be really full and satisfied. Chiptole is everywhere these days from airports and malls to most likely your next interstate exit. Open your map and search. Chances are that if you are in the United States, you are near a Chipotle.
  4. What to order when you can’t pick the restaurant? If you are with a group and don’t get to choose the restaurant, you can still make keto work for you. Most restaurants in the United States will have a hamburger – just skip the bun and go easy on the ketchup (it’s often loaded with sugar). Salads are almost always available too and for an up-charge, they will put chicken, steak, salmon, or some other protein on even the house salad. Only breaded chicken on the menu? No problem. I have never had someone say no when I’ve asked if they can grill a piece for me instead. If you really want to enjoy yourself, though, convince your friends to find a kabob place. You can enjoy delicious roasted meats with a salad on the side and they can still have as much rice, bread, and spicy beans as they want. Everyone wins!

What did I miss? I’ve been traveling a lot lately and would love to hear your tips for staying keto while on the road. Use the comment section below to let me know what works for you!

Author: Rebekah

Vibrant, creative, thirty-something living life to the fullest with chronic disease.

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