Ain’t Got Far to Go | Music Monday

Path at sunseet with rainbow and motivation text to keep going

Small steps add up, Sturdy Women.  This week I’ve been reflecting on life and how a couple years ago–even a couple months ago–I couldn’t have imagined where I am now.  A year ago, I was feeling discouraged with keto and thinking about giving up.  A year before that, I didn’t even know the word lipedema.  I was just gaining weight uncontrollably, unable to lose it, and rapidly losing my mobility.  But even when it was hard, I stuck with keto and I stuck with my other conservative treatments and here I am, down nearly 100 pounds and feeling so good on my walks I can’t hold myself back from running.   

The emotions are a jumbled mess of bad ass, proud, and confused.  Yes, confused.  My mind simply can’t wrap itself around what’s happened in my life and I can’t begin to guess what’s around the corner.  If a fortune teller were to predict that a year from now I’ll be a famous author or that I’ll own a hip coffee shop on the beach my response would be sounds about right.  I recently finished Najwa Zebian’s book Welcome Home (separate post coming about that) and in it she talks about how we simply don’t have enough information to plan or predict what’s going to happen very far in the future.  Sticking to a rigid plan closes us off to the other amazing possibilities lurking in the wings of what we think we should be doing.  Keep following the next best thing and you’ll probably be amazed where you quickly find yourself.

On this Monday morning I am reminding myself that more good things are coming with Jess Glynne’s “Aint’ Got Far to Go.”  Regular Music Monday fans know that I am a sucker for a funky beat and Jess delivers that from the first notes.  Do yourself a favor and put this on while you get dressed this morning.  You’ll be sure to dance your way into your brightest colors and boldest prints (how great are the wardrobes in the video?!). 

You might have more you want to do in life, Sturdy Women.  That’s ok but take a couple minutes to remind yourself how far you’ve come—probably against the odds—to get where you are right now.  Then remind yourself that you ain’t got far to go before you’re living the life of your wildest dreams. Scroll down, press play, and get your dance on this Monday morning.

I know (I know, I know)

That I ain’t got far to go

‘Cause I spent forever waiting

And it’s no longer a dream

And now I’ve landed on my feet

And I ain’t got far to go

Jess Glynne “Ain’t Got Far to Go”

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Author: Rebekah

Vibrant, creative, thirty-something living life to the fullest with chronic disease.

2 thoughts on “Ain’t Got Far to Go | Music Monday”

  1. What the…. ? Ok, how do you come up with these magical, inspirational posts, Lady, and get me all welled up with emotions (happy ones!!) on an otherwise dull and wintery Monday morning?!@? … Thank you so much for sharing the JOY 😀


    1. Jess is pretty great, right? This song got me pumped up to get dressed up and.. work from home… but, you know what, I feel ready to take on the world even on a Monday. So glad to have you in the dance party this morning, Jane!!

      Liked by 1 person

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