My Favorite Plant-Based Keto Yogurt | Non-Dairy January

Yesterday I made my weekly trek to Whole Foods, and I must admit, food shopping is getting harder.  Circling the perimeter, gazing at everything I couldn’t eat, I felt like the plus size girl waiting for her friends to try on trendy clothes while she grits her teeth and pretends what she really wants is another silk scarf or chunky bangle.  No, thank you I say to myself.  I don’t want those apples, or that pasta, or this Greek yogurt.  I especially don’t want that cupcake meticulously decorated like a field of spring flowers. 

The store was packed, and people jostled around me in the dairy aisle as I morosely inspected the nutrition labels on every non-dairy product I could find.  Everything seemed to have a sunflower something, a gum something, or enough carbs to send my ketosis packing.  As I worked my way down the shelf I repeated f-word, f-word, f-word in my head as I rejected one colorful package after another.

 “Are you ok?” I heard suddenly, “Do you need help?”  F-wordWas that not in my head?!  I turned and an employee stood at my elbow looking concerned.  I grabbed something at random and turned to give him my best eye smile over the top of my mask, “Got it.  Thanks!”  He disappeared as quickly as he had appeared and when I looked down at what was in my hand, I realized I had, in fact, got it.

Culina yogurt is as “plain and simple” as its label claims.  It contains exactly four ingredients: organic hand-shucked coconuts, water, agar, and probiotics.  An entire 5oz jar of plain contains just 2g total carbs and a keto-friendly 19g of fat.  Importantly, it also tastes more like yogurt than toe jam (not that I would know for sure) and has a nice smooth, thick, texture.  Culina is a little tangier and sourer than the Fage Greek yogurt I was eating before my non-dairy challenge, but if anything, that made me eat it slower and savor every bite.  The plain has a pleasant coconut flavor and I genuinely enjoyed it, which is not something I can say for many non-dairy products.

The only downside is the price.  At my Whole Foods one tiny 5oz jar cost $4 and, even though I managed to squeeze two portions out of each, I can’t afford to make that a regular part of my diet.  It’s lovely to have that option, though, and to feel like someone sees me and what I’m doing… like when that clothing brand you’ve always loved finally expands into plus sizes. 

What pleasant surprises have you had lately?  What makes you feel seen, Sturdy Women?  Drop me a note in the comments.

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